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Welcome to Elevon

We believe in a sustainable future fuelled by wind and prosperous communities powered by the wind industry.

Project logistics is the role we play.

Our team seeks to create value for customers, partners and communities by addressing the unique logistical challenges and opportunities of wind projects.

We work collaboratively with clients, partners and suppliers to apply and actualize our specialized knowledge and capabilities. We contribute to every phase of the project and bring to bare both local and global perspectives.

Growth and innovation will continue to shape the industry. We believe our exclusive wind focus allows us to respond quicker to industry dynamics and novel client requirements. Our singular focus on the industry assures we’re not limited by design – our attention to the issues is not disperse.

Our commitment to planning and delivering fully functional and effective project logistics to the wind industry is whole. By completing our role superiorly well we achieve our shared mission. 

To get more turbines spinning.

Knut Magne Johannessen
Chief Executive Officer