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Our clients benefit from logistics management solutions that offer reduced supplier interfaces, strong subcontractor management, consistent project/quality controls, and a partner with expertise across the entire spectrum of project logistics requirements.

We have a rich expertise across the entire spectrum of project logistics requirements:

  • Port & Site Management
  • Freight Forwarding & Transportation
  • Component Handling & Equipment
  • Warehousing & Storage Solutions
  • Sourcing & Procurement

Our clients benefit from logistics solutions that leverage our key strengths:

Elevon establishes project controls and consistent project management standards across logistics interfaces.

Elevon reduces project risk and complexity by managing multiple contracts to reduce the number of client interfaces, and establish control and consistency on complex projects.

Elevon’s rich multi-disciplinary experience and resources across its business network allow for the management and operation of integrated logistics to maximize project performance across any and all project interfaces.

We execute through locally developed supply chains. We partner and collaborate with local companies where possible.

Our global footprint allows for quick localization. We bring local knowledge to bare on projects in most areas of the world. 

Elevon implements and maintains a preventive and systematic HSSEQ program across project interfaces.

We’re integrated within a global logistics network.

We draw global insights, capabilities and resources from our international maritime and inland logistics network.