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Representative Projects

To demonstrate our experience and capability with developing and executing complex logistics projects all over the world we’ve highlighted here select projects of substantial scope, size and complexity.

Select representative projects:

Logistics, port operations and pre-assembly of Hywind Project

Project support for the first floating offshore wind turbine farm located off the coast of Scotland and demo project.


Complete port handling and site services

The provision of full port handling services including cranage and storage facility in Foynes, Ireland.


Logistics management and component transport for major wind project in Sweden

Handling and transport of over 1500 components (149 turbines). Over 74,000 tons of cargo through 26 vessels.


Maritime crew transfer, vessel coordination and tailored digital solution

Over 700 km of subsea cable installed from Norway to Germany from 2017-2019 (total of 2000 guard vessel days, 8-10 vessels). Provision of a tailored digital solution, ‘E2E Vessel Online’.


Operation and maintenance Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm

One of the most famous wind farms in Denmark. This is one of the first contracts where a complete O&M agreement was offered to a third party supplier.


Complete technical maintenance solution and modification of substations

Execution of a large multi-year technical maintenance solution including modification of substations for a large utility in Germany.


Logistics support for the Hornsea Project in the North Sea

Arranged charter and discharge of steel components for the Hornsea Project.


Complete maritime logistics support for multiple energy companies.

Total integrated logistics for energy companies operating off the Norwegian Continental shelf.


For additional information about our rich experience in project logistics please contact us.